Dan Snow - An Evening with the 'History Guy' on the History Hit UK Tour 2019

Sage Two

An Evening with Dan Snow will feature the well-known historian and TV presenter recount anecdotes of memorable experiences from his very successful career as an historian and broadcaster. Otherwise known as The History Guy

Dan will also research and include historical facts and stories relating to the specific area/ town of each theatre on the tour and will be aided by the use of digital screens.

The show will be an undoubted success with academics, students, families (young and old) and all those interested in the history of Gateshead and the surrounding area. The show will conclude with a 20mins Q&A.

www.dan-snow.co.uk | Twitter | Youtube

Stage Times

8pm – 9pm: Act 1
9.20pm – 10.05pm: Act 2
10.05pm – 10.20pm: Q&A
Please note timings are subject to change

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